Final Bonfire - Part 1
S1 episode 10 Aired on March 19, 2019

As the final 24-hour dates come to a close, Temptees return to the Beach Villa to swap stories and reflect on the good times, Mark swoops in and lets them know that it’s time to say goodbye. The final bonfire is coming — the couples that came to the island together are about to reunite.

Beach Villa goodbyes

“This doesn’t feel right to me,” Morgan tells Evan. After he assures her that Temptation Island has “changed [his] entire life,” she asks, “What if you chicken out?” A similar conversation occurs on the other side of the house, where John tells Katheryn he wants to go with her, but he also wants to hear Kady’s side of the story. Katheryn fears he will take the easy route. Out on the lawn, Karl tells Nicole that he can’t simply close the door on his relationship with Nicole, and hopes Brittney has “an amazing life.” Brittney takes his tone as an affront: “Everything you’re saying feels really distant all of the sudden.” Javen and Kayla have the only truly positive conversation at the Beach Villa. “This experience has shown me I’m more than capable that I’m ready to be devoted to one woman for the rest of my life.”

Mountain Villa goodbyes

As the residents of the Mountain Villa reflect on their dates and make champagne toasts, Mark pops in to announce that is time to say goodbye. Val tells Kaci to stay strong. Shari tells Justin he helped her grow. Nicole tells Tyler that she wants to stay in touch and develop their friendship. “Who knows what that could lead to one day,” she says. Johnny lets Kady know, “if you come out of this and you still want to be with John, I won’t hold that against you.”

Karl and Nicole reunite

“Going into this bonfire, my mind is pretty made up,” Nicole says. “I just feel deep inside that I’m not supposed to be with Karl.” She reunites with Karl at the bonfire and listens to him speak first. Karl tells her that the videos he saw “hurt [him] a lot,” and he admits that he violated the ground rules that had discussed. He says he wants to work it out between the two of them. In response, Nicole says that she was confused why they came to Temptation Island, and in her eagerness to prove her loyalty she realized she had erected a wall that prevented them from connecting on a deep level.

Mark asks both Karl and Nicole whether they want to leave together or alone. They both say together. Karl presses Nicole on the lack of depth she perceives in their relationship. “If this isn’t deep, I don’t know what to say,” he says. “I left my job. I left my family, moved with her for her career. Mark asks them again to make a decision, and Nicole tells Karl that she would like to leave alone. Karl is supportive: “I want nothing more than for you to explore yourself and figure out what it is you need to figure out. I hope you get what you need.” 

“I just walked away from somebody that loves me,” Nicole reflects in the post-bonfire SUV ride. “A lot of people here have made me realize that I’m a strong woman and everything is going be okay.”

John and Kady break it down

John and Kady head into their final bonfire together on uncertain terms; John admits that he got to know Katheryn on “an emotional and physical level,” and Kady is torn between her strong bond with Johnny and her deeper love for John. 

John is the first to share at the bonfire. “Honestly this has been the toughest thing I’ve ever gone through,” he says. “One thing I’ve realized is I want a woman who’s going to build me up, not tear me down.” He tells Kady how much it hurt to her say he wouldn’t be a good father, then watch her get in bed with another guy. “That destroyed me,” he says. “That was embarrassing me to see that. Then the next day, I was the only guy that didn’t get a video message. And that just destroyed me even more.” In response, Kady confirms that, no matter how highly she thinks of John, she can’t see herself having children with him.