Temptation Begins
S1 episode 1 Aired on January 15, 2019

Sooner or later, every serious couple will come to a crossroads where they must answer the following question: Are we meant to be together?

Four couples at a juncture in their relationship seek clarity on Temptation Island, a tropical paradise populated by 24 single men and women who are themselves looking for love. For these couples, Temptation Island will either confirm their bond, or it will break it.                                     

Meet the couples

Evan (28) and Kaci (28) - Los Angeles, CA

Evan and Kaci have been dating on and off for 10 years and have been exclusive for five. Kaci is looking for a commitment from Evan and is feeling the heat from her religious family, who believes they are “living in sin” by living together. Kaci believes that Evan is sending her mixed signals. Evan doesn’t understand why they have to get married to carry on with their relationship. 

Shari (25) and Javen (25) – San Francisco, CA

Shari and Javen have been dating since they were 16 and living together since they were 20. Shari caught Javen cheating a few years ago and has come to Temptation Island looking for proof that he has really changed.

Nicole (25) and Karl (31) – Chicago, IL

Nicole and Karl met at the gym and have been dating for two and half years. Nicole left her boyfriend for Karl, and Karl wonders if she would do the same to him. His prediction: “I think our love will outlast Temptation Island.”

Kady (30) and John (35) - Fort Worth TX

Kady and John met on the dating app Bumble and have been together for three years. John is a laidback, humble guy who doesn’t fit the mold of the alpha southern gentleman that Kady tends to like. Kady believes that Temptation Island is a “necessary pain” that will bring them closer.

The couples arrive at Temptation Island

The couples arrive at the white sands of Temptation Island with some excitement and an abundance of nervous energy. “Seeing [host] Mark at shore waving us down, and I’m thinking about jumping off the boat and swimming in the other direction,” says John. My nerves are definitely going crazy right now.” Evan is stoked to learn that the men and women will be staying in different (both extravagant) houses—the guys at the Beach Villa, the women at the Mountain Villa. Up at the Mountain Villa on the night of their arrival, host Mark introduces the 24 single men and women with whom they will be mingling. Shari remarks that she is “not too impressed” and starts bickering with Javen -- a recurring theme in this episode.

Mingle with the singles

After a morning couples’ breakfast to rehash the previous night’s introductions (John: “We just thought the guys were acting like a bunch of nervous pussies”), the single men host a cocktail party for the four women at the Mountain Villa while the single women do the same for the four guys at the Beach Villa. While Kaci remarks on the singles’ hotness, Shari is turned off by one single’s aggressive flirting tactics. Meanwhile, down at the Beach Villa, Evan says, “It’s easier to take the plunge into Temptation Island than it is to take the plunge into marriage.” Says Katheryn, one single who has her eye on John: “There’s so much temptation out there. That’s why you have to take care of your man or you’ll lose him.”

Goodbye partner

Mark brings each participant a necklace which they use to block a single -- the chosen single will not be allowed to date their partner until the final date, at which point all blocks will be removed. Kady blocks Katheryn and John blocks Roman, who is the sort of genteel southern gent whom he knows Kady likes. The rest decline to use block. “That’s not why we came here,” Kaci says. “We came here to date people. We came here for the full experience, and he would not be getting the full experience if I blocked one of them.” 

Later, the couples all dine before saying goodbye to their partners. They won’t see each other again until they leave the island. Though he and Shari continue to argue, Javen tells Mark he feels secure in his relationship. “I don’t think any girl can sweep me off my feet.”