Esonica & Gavin


DATING: A little over a year

As her 30th birthday approaches former beauty pageant queen, Esonica Veira, claims she is ready to get engaged to her charming and athletic boyfriend Gavin Rocker, but he is fumbling at the thought of making that life-long commitment. Gavin has admitted to infidelity in the past, and says that he truly loves Esonica, but he can’t skate on thin ice for the rest of his life based on past mistakes. Family is important to both of them and they want to make things work, but Esonica needs to determine if the man she fell in love with is really her forever king. Can she ever truly get over his cheating past and start fresh? Gavin, on the other hand, needs to decide if he is ready to say yes to a lifelong commitment.

The two are depending on TEMPTATION ISLAND to show them if this love can make it to the finish line or if their romance is officially out of bounds.