Ashley & Rick


DATING: 4 years on and off

It’s been four years with incredible highs and heartbreaking lows for Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur. The couple knew that they had something special on their very first date and the sparks have been flying ever since…except for when Rick lights up flirty conversations with other women behind Ashley’s back.  

Rick says that he loves Ashley, but he grew up in a strict home and feels that now in adulthood he can finally let loose and have fun…even if it may be at Ashley’s expense. Ashley tries her best to ignore his “playful” ways because she strongly believes that they are meant to be together – but how much can she truly take?

The couple is heading to TEMPTATION ISLAND to determine if Rick is really ready to commit to Ashley – and if she is willing to accept Rick for who he actually is, wandering eye and all?