La Muerte

Queen of the South La Muerte

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Dazed and Confused

Teresa wakes up dazed and wounded amid the smoking rubble of an obvious disaster, with dead bodies everywhere and the sound of a baby crying in the distance. She follows a trail of blood to find El Santo cradling a crying baby. An enraged El Santo blames Teresa for the destruction, tells her she “killed everyone,” and he attacks her. 

Meanwhile, 48 Hours Before

El Diablo

Queens of the South El Diablo

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

After reflecting on the damage La Comisión has done to their crew, Teresa, James, and Pote hatch a plan for revenge against Pecas and La Comisión. They identify Bedoya as the weak leak and plan to use him in their plot to get Pecas. Their men break into Bedoya’s mattress factory and deliver a special product.

All Gussied Up

El Carro

Queens of the South El Carro

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

You gotta have faith

Teresa and her group are with their newfound acquaintances at the Haken Tse Reservation. Teresa steps in and manages to convince them that if they join forces they will be unstoppable.

Blame it on me

Isabela confronts her mother about Kique’s disappearance. Camila lies and assures her daughter that she will do everything in her power to find him as she holds her in a loving embrace.

A rat on the inside

Reina De Espadas

Queens of the South Reina De Espadas

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Blind with power

After Guero’s death, Teresa is acting recklessly, coming up with risky ways to do business and putting others in danger in the process. She’s mixing reality with the illusion that Guero’s still with her. James and Poté are understandably worried about Teresa and try to make her come to her senses. Her grief and business may not get along so well.


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