Hospitalidad Surena

Queen of the South

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Buying a shipping company can be really tough in New Orleans. Teresa Mendoza runs afoul of loan shark Joel Bouchet, which further entangles her with Judge Lafayette and Marcel Dumas. Plus, Teresa is reunited with Tony, but also an unexpected visitor. At least Eddie is back for some eye candy in episode 403, “Hospitalidad Surena.”

Ship Happens

Un Asunto de Familia

Queen of the South

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Tony is missing while someone keeps leaving a trail of death. Raul and Teresa aren’t exactly best buds yet, and Marcel Dumas complicates business even more. Plus, two surprises from Teresa’s past return in Queen of the South episode 402, “Un Asunto de Familia.” We’ve got all the details in our episode guide!

Nice To See You Again

Bienvenidos a Nueva Orleans

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers 

Teresa Mendoza sets up shop in New Orleans and meets the local gangsters, including politicians who try to shake her down. Meanwhile, she’s got to deal with a thief in Sinaloa, and she’s also discovering a new love in the Jazz Quarter. We’ve got the full story in our guide to Queen of the South episode 401, “Bienvenido a Nuevo Orleans.”

The Fast and the Glamorous

El Mundo

Queen of the South El Mundo

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Now that Teresa and her crew finally have a new supplier, they must work out a few kinks in the system to take over the Sinaloa to Phoenix corridor. The first order of business is Cortez, who is holding Camila hostage while also concocting a plan to kill Teresa. 

Teresa and Taza Make a Friendly Business Deal over a Truckload of Coke


Queens of the South Justicia

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Since El Santo’s death, Teresa, Pote and James have been struggling to line up a new supplier. Teresa realizes that she must make a deal with Camila, whom she despises, if she is going to get a supplier and keep her business afloat. In exchange for a supplier, Camila wants Teresa to kill Cortez. So does everyone else, it seems. 

Making a Deal with the Red Devil


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