Fans Take Sides During Part 1 of the Temptation Island Season Finale

The first part of the epic Temptation Island finale aired on Tuesday night and it was one filled with dramatic goodbyes. As Karl and Nicole and Kady and John determined their fates as couples at the final bonfire, the Twittersphere -- as always -- was quick to weigh in with their opinions.

Twitter Reacts as Kaci Refuses to Watch Evan and Morgan's Hookup

If Kaci was worried about her relationship last Tuesday, this week's episode of Temptation Island was confirmation that her ultimatum to Evan backfired. It was a heart-wrenching bonfire, as Kaci was forced to confront Evan and Morgan's budding romance -- including confirmation that they were up to more than just kissing... But, while the Morgan-Evan-Kaci triangle generated the most chatter this week, that wasn't the only thing that had viewers tweeting!

Kaci Had Her Heart Broken This Week on Temptation Island and Twitter Felt Her Pain

Sure, the Twitter-verse never misses an opportunity to snark it up, but this week, Temptation Island viewers had some serious feels for Kaci Campbell, whose heart imploded while watching her boyfriend Evan Smith hook up with Morgan Lolar. Here are some of our favorite reactions to Episode 5, "Rules Are Made to Be Broken."


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