The Paradox Andropov

Star-Crossed Lovers 

Following his wild drug-induced escape in the previous episode, Bentley awakes to find himself face to face with Young Petra, her gun leveled on him. Bentley confronts her over manipulating him, but then she turns her gun and kills an approaching KGB soldier, a sign that she might actually be on Bentley’s side. Without any other choice, Bentley decides it might be time to start trusting this mercurial woman. They make their way to an abandoned KGB safe and plan their next move.

The Kentucky Contract

The Truth Shall Set You Free… 

Episode 4 picks up where Episode 3 left off, the moment after Samantha shoots Lowell dead on the floor of her and Doug’s living room. Both husband and wife try to navigate the situation while delicately tip-toeing around the lies and half-truths they’ve been telling each other. Doug reveals to Samantha the full extent of his wild night in Alaska, and they eventually conclude that they need to get rid of Lowell’s body without alerting the authorities.


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