The 7 Stages of a Louis Litt Meltdown

In some ways, wildly contrasting emotions are a hallmark of Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). The Suits character has a tough mind and a big heart, which means he’ll do just about anything to defend the people he cares about -- and, often, those big swings lead to a Louis Litt-level meltdown. Here are some emotionally tangled moments in the Seven Stages of Louis we'd like to unpack.

The NFFA's Party Is Crashed In Top Moments from The Purge Season 1 Episode 5

The Purge Rise Up Gallery

Miguel gets into multiple fights, the Stanton mansion falls, and a series of flashbacks offer backstory to Penelope’s relationship with Henry and Tavis. Check out the top moments from The Purge episode 105, “Rise Up.

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