Part III

The Sinner

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

The big question going into Part III of The Sinner is whether or not Cora (Jessica Biel) can (and will) claim temporary insanity in the murder of Frankie Belmont. The episode wraps with an answer to that question -- and a bombshell of a revelation that has us speeding into next week. All that and more in this week's recap. 

Cora Passes Her Initial Mental Examination

Part VII

The Sinner Part VII

The Sinner Chapter 7 is when we finally answers to what happened to Cora (Jessica Biel) that July 4 weekend in 2012. It also stands alone as a full flashback episode -- no Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman), no Anne (Joanna Adler), no investigation; just the events that lead to the blackout and a bevy of revelations dispelled at a mile-a-minute clip. In other words: this is a great hour of television. Catch up on the highlights (with major spoilers) below.

Part VI

The Sinner Part VI

The heart-pounding final moments of Part V zoom into this week’s sixth outing with Mason (Christopher Abbott) walking up to J.D.’s home, gun in-hand. The episode is also very flashback-heavy and we learn more about the conversations and events that led to Cora (Jessica Biel) being with J.D. on July 4, 2012. Then at long last, Cora remembers what happened to her in that basement. All that and more in this week’s recap below.

[*Warning, recap contains spoilers]

Someone got to J.D. first.

Part V

The Sinner

Part V of The Sinner makes way for an even greater conspiracy than we could have anticipated. Plus, Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) is joined by some unwelcome assistance from the state police and Cora (Jessica Biel) gets backed into a corner. Catch up on the episode’s major takeaways below.  

Anne Farmer arrives large and in charge


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