Erica’s Recommendations for Managing Hunger on the Go

Let’s face it: everyone’s busy. Between work, family, and all the errands that keep life moving, the world doesn’t pause to let you whip up a meal every time those hunger pangs hit. But grabbing a quick bite on the go doesn’t have to derail your goals! With a little thought and planning, you can take charge of your eating — even when your to-do list throws you a curve ball.

How to Meal Prep: A Beginners Guide to Planning Ahead

We asked a registered dietitian nutritionist for her favorite grocery list staples to make sure you’ll have everything you need to prepare meals throughout the week — all without having to make a return trip to the store.

The items on our list are chosen with versatility in mind. Most will last long enough to pull double duty as ingredients in a nutritious breakfast on one day, with plenty left over to help you work up a tasty evening meal the next. Planning ahead helps save time and money — and best of all, it helps keep you on track!

Dining Out Food Swaps That Won’t Bore Your Taste Buds

Whether it’s in a drive-through line or the dining room of a white-tablecloth restaurant, deprivation is not the answer. Instead, try swapping out those empty-calorie offerings on the menu with satisfying food replacements that won’t shortchange your taste buds. And remember: slow and steady wins the race! Here are 15 simple food swap suggestions to get you started.


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