Dios Y El Abogado

Queen of the South

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

A Ghost at the Party

At a business party at lawyer Cole Van Awken‘s house, Camila, Teresa, and James meet with Teo Aljarafe. They ask him for one million dollars, but he refuses to grant them that amount of money. Camila and James are not sure of Aljarafe's loyalty, so they ask him if he’s spoken to the D.E.A., but he denies it. Still, they don’t trust him and force him to take off his clothes to see if there’s a microphone hidden somewhere. He’s clean … or so he seems.

Billete de Magia

Queen of the South Billete de Magia

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

The Men from Miami

James has contacted his friends in Miami to buy from them those 25 kilos of cocaine that could save Camila’s business. Of course, his real plan is to buy the drugs and then rob the money back from them. The men from Miami -- brothers John and Reggie, plus their bodyguard -- arrive in Dallas in a private jet to meet James. The robbery plan is complicated so Camila brings Teresa again to help execute it.

Lirio de los Valles

Queen of the South Lirio de los Valles


Teresa is rising fast in Camila Vargas’ organization. James asked her to make a drug delivery by herself. He gives Teresa precise instructions and she leaves to complete the delivery. Meanwhile, Epifanio meets with his henchman, César, a.k.a. Batman, who tells him something indicates Teresa is with Camila. Epifanio immediately orders him to go to Texas to talk to her and find out all he can.

Estrategia de Entrada

Queen of the South Estrategia de Entrada


Teresa’s been dreaming about Güero all night, and when she wakes up she realizes her things have been placed somewhere else. She’s been “promoted” and given a better bed to sleep. She turns her cellphone on and listens to the messages Brenda has left. Teresa finally calls to tell her she is in danger and Epifanio’s men could find her just by tracking down her phone. And that’s exactly what happens: Brenda sees her pursuers approach, so she sneaks away and steals a car to escape. 

Cuarenta Minutos

Queen of the South Cuarenta Minutos


Teresa is in a remote part of Texas, stuck in the cage where she just spent the night. There are other women like her all around, locked and at the mercy of Camila and her men. One of them, Evelyn, approaches Teresa and starts talking to her when, suddenly, the girl falls dead on the floor. Some men take her to a table, open her belly with a knife, and remove several packets of drugs out of her stomach. One of the packets dissolved inside and killed her. Teresa sees this horrible scene and tries to flee, but Camila’s men manage to catch her.

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