Don't Tell Bill

Falling Water Don't Tell Bill

A young boy -- blue-eyed, blonde, and delicate -- plays at a dripping water fountain behind the counter of an empty Manhattan restaurant. Set to the jazzed pace of a rolling drum and smoky saxophone, he turns from the camera and runs back to the kitchen, pushing through the saloon style doors to find himself in a barren hospital room. The next doorway leads to an early 20th Century apartment, where a woman maternally holds the boy’s hands through a quick swing-around dance. He exits right to find the entryway to a tunnel.


Taka played by Will Yun Lee

A famously intuitive NYPD detective, when Taka Matsuyama isn’t working cases, he is taking care of his catatonic mother Kumiko. When Taka begins investigating a new cult, he soon starts having strange and vivid dreams. Hoping for answers, Taka begins searching for members of the cult -- only to have them find him first.


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