Pstocking Pstuffers: A Psych Holiday Wish List

Hey, look! It’s almost the holiday and the Psych family’s stockings are hung by the chimney with care! Has our fave fake psychic and his squad been good or bad this year? We’ve heard it both ways. Here’s a peek at what our Psych peeps want in their stockings and for some of these items, we’re gonna need a bigger stocking.

Read Your 2018 Psych Holiday Horoscopes!

We’re happy to report that our 2017 Psych Holiday Horoscopes were dead on, because... of course. We had a not-so-secret weapon read the room and rock the predications. You may know him: strong hairline with piercing eyes blue or green or maybe brown and a psychic antenna stronger than your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. Yep. That guy. And here’s the better news: we got him again.

6 Reasons a Pineapple Is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Psych Holiday Pro Tip: the King of Fruits is also this year’s King of Holiday Gifts. It’s colorful, pretty, maybe a little spiky, but packed with delicious flavor and ready to be sliced up for the road. Give one to your Secret Santa this year. If they don’t like it, they can suck iiiiiiiiit, because the pineapple is 2018’s must-have holiday must-have. Here’s why!


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