Recap April 20

Seth Rollins was promised an RKO, and an RKO he got. Before that could happen, however, he had to go through Dolph Ziggler in the main event of Raw, and he did that as well. But he owes credit to a whole bevy of distractions that saved him from being shown up by The Showoff. First, there was Sheamus, who popped in right after Ziggler gave Rollins an impromptu rhinoplasty-via-superkick, totaunt The Showoff from the apron.

Recap March 30

The Vigilante met justice or at least destiny, at WrestleMania when Sting fell to Triple H in an epic yet respectful bout. For all the disappointment of Sting’s first WrestleMania match ending in defeat, though, The Icon had nothing but positive vibes to offer about his maiden voyage to The Showcase of the Immortals in an exclusive interview on WWE Network. As for his future, he was mum on any specific match in particular — yes, even against you-know-who — but he was more than willing to seize any opportunities that came his way.

Seth Rollins


This is Seth Freaking Rollins. He’s really freaking good.

Did you know that he took the WWE World Heavyweight Title from Brock Lesnar? Or that he’s the only man to cash in a Money in the Bank contract in the main event of WrestleMania? Or that he’s the only human being to ever hold the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Championships simultaneously?


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