New Epic Saga ‘Damnation’ to Premiere This November on USA


USA Network’s fall schedule was announced today, including the premiere date of the new original series Damnation, a co-production from Universal Cable Productions and Netflix. This epic historical drama follows a bloody battle set in the 1930s as the fight between rich and poor escalates, centering on a preacher and the new strikebreaker in town.


After eleven years in Shanghai, Emma returns home to Pinebrook, CT for her best friend Maggie’s baby shower. Happily reunited, the girls’ drive down Main Street ends abruptly after the local cop (and Emma’s old flame) Mark pulls them over. Emma and Mark awkwardly reconnect and Mark informs Emma that he is now married. 


Shawn Spencer is always moving on to the next fun thing and has never held a job for more than six months. He also has an incredible eye for detail and a near photographic memory, a skill drilled into him since he was young by his overbearing cop father. It's this ability that enables him to solve crimes just by watching the stories on the news. But as he goes in to pick up his reward check for one such helpful tip, he's hauled into questioning by Detective Lassiter for being in on the crime. No one could have that kind of information and not be on the inside.


Today’s families come in all shapes and sizes, and that is very evident in Jay Pritchett’s very full and very blended family. Jay and his new gorgeous and much younger wife, Gloria, are happily married and getting accustomed to their new life together. But when her pre-teen son develops a crush on a 16-year-old girl, it becomes apparent that Jay and Gloria may have some generational and cultural gaps to bridge. Jay’s grown daughter, Claire, has a family of her own -- three kids and a husband, Phil, who is practically a giant kid himself.

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