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Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Ray, the guy with the droopy dog who tries to befriend Elliot at the neighborhood basketball court, sums up the second part of the premiere episode of Mr. Robot best: “Maybe truth don’t even exist. Maybe what we think is all we got.” 

Because the “truth” in this part of the episode continues to be an elastic, elusive, upside-down thing for everyone concerned. Including us. Here’s how perception and reality continued to play their very determined game of cat and mouse. 

Christian Slater's Preview of Mr. Robot Is Actually an Old Clip from One Life to Live

Christian Slater Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon

THE Mr. Robot, Christian Slater, dropped in at the Tonight Show on Tuesday to tease the upcoming season of Mr. Robot. Only thing is, the clip Jimmy Fallon showed was actually of an eight-year-old Slater in his first acting gig on One Life to Live.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Watching the Season 6 Premiere of Suits

Suits Season 6 Catch-Up

Ready for season six? It’s been a few months since the last gut-wrenching episode of Suits, and with everything that went down, we can forgive you if your head is still spinning -- or if you can’t quite remember where we left off. Here are a few key points to get you up to speed.


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