Here Are Some Burning Questions We Have After the Shooter Premiere

Shooter Premiere

The conspiracy is on. Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Philippe) has been framed for assassinating the President of the United States. We know he didn’t do it because we were with him when the real shooter took the shot. With Shooter just getting started, we have nine more episodes left to figure out who set Swagger up. Here are five questions we have after the premiere.

Point of Impact

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) is the most skillful marksman in the history of the Marine Corps, but is now living a quiet life with his wife and daughter in Washington state. One day he gets a visit from a former Corps buddy (Omar Epps) who appeals to his patriotic duty when he asks Swagger to help prevent an assassination attempt on the President. But Swagger’s good deed goes horribly wrong and puts him in the crosshairs of some very powerful, very determined people.

“The Nailer”

Don't Tell Bill

Falling Water Don't Tell Bill

A young boy -- blue-eyed, blonde, and delicate -- plays at a dripping water fountain behind the counter of an empty Manhattan restaurant. Set to the jazzed pace of a rolling drum and smoky saxophone, he turns from the camera and runs back to the kitchen, pushing through the saloon style doors to find himself in a barren hospital room. The next doorway leads to an early 20th Century apartment, where a woman maternally holds the boy’s hands through a quick swing-around dance. He exits right to find the entryway to a tunnel.

Portia Doubleday Has Amazing Intentions (But She's Really Bad at Saving Lives)

Portia Doubleday - Angela - Mr. Robot

We've learned that, while she may be a shy, doed-eyed beauty, Mr. Robot's Angela is nothing short of fearless. Seriously, you have to have some major cajones to try and hack the FBI with zero experience. Turns out that the woman who plays her is really brave in real life too! The only problem is that Portia Doubleday isn't exactly the best at saving the day. Read on.


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