The Suicide Tree


The Victim: Lee Ward, an attempted armed robber. 

The Killer: Ella Rollins, a quiet and unassuming florist. 

The Discovery: The detectives head to the crime scene of an armed robbery went horribly wrong. They find the armored car security guard shot to death, but they also find Lee Ward, the shooter, and his body does not look wounded or injured in any form. 

The Glass House


The Killer: Wayne Little, a carpenter with a personal motivation to get close to the Glass family. 

The Victim: Peter Glass, a cyber security consultant and overprotective father who keeps his family on a very short leash. 

The Family: Peter Glass is married to Olivia, and together they have a daughter, 16-year-old Sophie. Olivia rarely interacts with her friends or neighbors, because as one put it, Peter doesn’t get along with anyone, so they seldom socialized. 



Motive Case Report #303 

The Victim: Geoff Armstrong, a Scuba instructor and city planner. 

The Killer: Robin Gould, an architect. 

The Investigation: A crime scene in the woods reveals a blood trail and a bloody trunk of an abandoned car. The car belongs to Robin, and the blood matches her type, so the initial investigation is to find what is believed to be Robin’s dead body. 


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