Quid Pro Quo

Suits - Quid Pro Quo Season 6 Episode 15

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

The price of dreams was on everyone’s mind this week, as Harvey and Mike faced hard choices in the Velocity case, Louis weighed the cost of total honesty in his relationship with Tara, and Donna and Benjamin came face to face with the realities of the business world. Check out our guide to Suits episode 615, “Quid Pro Quo,” for all the details!

Pirates of the Third Reich

Pirates of the Third Reich

A half-naked woman is found half buried in the desert with a branding on her arm. She has no hair and is missing her right hand. The woman turns out to be Lady Heather's estranged daughter. The autopsy reveals that the woman was a victim of an experiment and starved to death. The team investigates the Betz Clinic where the deceased underwent a sleep therapy session for her insomnia.

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