After The Fire

After a neighbor’s home burns down, the whole family rallies and organizes a community drive to help do some good – though it’s not all good, as Jay throws out his back, Cameron does some posturing with a huge moving truck, Claire discovers that Mitchell and Gloria have been spending a lot of time together, and Luke and Manny get their hands on some of the donated toys.

Gus Walks into a Bank

Gus leaves Shawn waiting in the car while he goes inside a bank to make a deposit.  He's only in there a few minutes before a woman spots a gun in the jacket pocket of another customer.  She screams and the man is forced to pull out his weapon and take everyone in the bank hostage.  One of the tellers hits the silent alarm button, bringing the cops screeching up outside the bank next to Shawn, who is unaware of what has just transpired inside.  When Lassiter and Juliet inform him of the situation, Shawn is immediately worried for Gus.  The cops quickly set up a command center and are able t

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