Ride The Dragon

Playing House

It’s almost time for Ladies’ Craft Night, but since the evening of ceramic owl painting will fall right after Emma’s third chemo treatment, Maggie is thinking she’ll cancel. Emma assures Maggie that she’ll be fine watching movies in bed, but Maggie isn’t feeling great about that — until Zach, recently returned from a trip to Greece with a cooler of sardines and some ancient wisdom, offers to take care of Emma.



Warning: Contains Spoilers

The victim: A 30-something street artist named Perry Doyle, who presents himself as “Contagion,” and works in secret a la Bansky. Despite his everyman persona, Doyle is really a rich trust fund kid who went to art school, and is even willing to sell his services for a guerilla marketing campaign.

Go Bullfrogs

It’s father-daughter time, as Phil takes Haley on a college tour of his old alma mater, and Claire, having a rare night alone, forces Mitchell and Cameron to take her for a fun night out with the boys -- but ends up alone with one particular man candy who is anything but gay. Meanwhile, Gloria and Jay deal with a potential situation at home that may require having “the talk” with Manny.

There Might Be Blood

After Safety Inspector Butch Hicks falls to his death off an offshore oil rig, Chief Vick enlists Shawn and Gus' help with the case.  As she takes them out to the crime scene on the police boat, she tells them they received an anonymous tip that something highly unsafe was happening on the rig and the caller was risking his life to warn them.  When Shawn and Gus ask why she didn't enlist help from her detectives or the Coast Guard, she tells them they are working more in an unofficial capacity.  Just then, they are pulled over by the Coast Guard, whose commander, Barbara Dunbar, questions V

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