This Insane Scene Proves Once Again Teresa Mendoza Has Nerves of Steel

There was a moment in last week’s episode of Queen of the South that quite literally had hearts racing. Teresa Mendoza once promised Camila Vargas that she wouldn’t die for her -– she’d survive for her, yet in "El Nacimiento De Bolivia," she almost died for the cause.

El Nacimiento De Bolivia

Queen of the South Cicatriz

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Welcome to La Paz

Teresa, James and Güero are in La Paz, Bolivia, looking for a new cocaine provider, El Santo. Güero claims he knows someone by the name of Leo who could take him to the drug lord. The eccentric King George is also in La Paz to lend a hand, and his boats are in Colombia, ready to take the drugs to the U.S. as soon as Camila’s people get them.


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