Un Pacto Con El Diablo

Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 3

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

The DEA And Teresa, Face to Face

Let’s go back three months … Guero and Teresa are spending an afternoon together, totally in love, and making plans for their future. Unexpectedly, he has to leave, and minutes later he is getting on a plane. Suddenly, DEA agents detain Guero at gunpoint and take him with them right before the plane explodes. Then, one of the agents calls Teresa to tell her Guero is dead. She believes him. That’s how Guero had disappeared…

The 5 Moments from Colony Episode 3 That You Need to See


These are the most exciting moments from the season two episode three of Colony, "Sublimation." Charlie Bowman (Jacob Buster) gets closer to returning home to his family, but his travels come at a high cost. Back at home, Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) thinks her days as a free woman are numbered, and Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) makes an old acquaintance in the labor camp.



Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Colony 203, “Sublimation”

Will (Josh Holloway), Charlie (Jacob Buster), and Devon (Carolyn Michelle Smith) take desperate steps to get out of the Santa Monica bloc, knowing that there will be retribution for Will wiping out Solomon’s (Johnny Whitworth) gang. In the L.A. bloc, pressure from her new boss puts Jennifer McMahon (Kathleen Rose Perkins) breathing down Katie’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) neck, as Katie prepares to be separated from her family.

Attack at Red Hat recruitment


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