Remember The Alamo

Shooter Season 2 Episode 2 Remember The Alamo

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Shooter 202, “Remember The Alamo”

As Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) continues to follow the trail of those responsible for the attack in Frankfurt, Germany, he finds that it leads five years back, all the way to Afghanistan and an old adversary. Meanwhile, Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps) is on the run in Bangkok but not running fast enough, and Julie Swagger (Shantel VanSanten) is back in Texas, but can’t get far enough from the trauma of the attack.

Dios Y El Abogado

Queen of the South

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

A Ghost at the Party

At a business party at lawyer Cole Van Awken‘s house, Camila, Teresa, and James meet with Teo Aljarafe. They ask him for one million dollars, but he refuses to grant them that amount of money. Camila and James are not sure of Aljarafe's loyalty, so they ask him if he’s spoken to the D.E.A., but he denies it. Still, they don’t trust him and force him to take off his clothes to see if there’s a microphone hidden somewhere. He’s clean … or so he seems.

Somewhere Out There

Will (Josh Holloway) in Season 2 Episode 1 of Colony

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Colony 202, “Somewhere Out There”

We kick off with a flashback to the aftermath of a 1969 space mission. A roomful of scientists listens to an audio recording in which astronauts discover a beacon on the dark side of the moon, and hear a coded musical message (note: it's not Pink Floyd). A room of scientists later decides to respond. Is this where the invasion began?

mr robot season 2 elliot alderson rami malek

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Ray, the guy with the droopy dog who tries to befriend Elliot at the neighborhood basketball court, sums up the second part of the premiere episode of Mr. Robot best: “Maybe truth don’t even exist. Maybe what we think is all we got.” 

Because the “truth” in this part of the episode continues to be an elastic, elusive, upside-down thing for everyone concerned. Including us. Here’s how perception and reality continued to play their very determined game of cat and mouse. 


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