Finals Week 1

Team Ninja Warrior

By Nikki Lee

For the past nine weeks, we’ve watched 28 teams of the top Ninja Warriors go head to head on the Team Ninja Warrior course. It’s been thrilling and totally unpredictable. And it’s all led to this.

We’re arrived at the season two finals! The eight finalist teams will now compete for one reason, to take home the trophy and the title of champion.

Recap March 30

The Vigilante met justice or at least destiny, at WrestleMania when Sting fell to Triple H in an epic yet respectful bout. For all the disappointment of Sting’s first WrestleMania match ending in defeat, though, The Icon had nothing but positive vibes to offer about his maiden voyage to The Showcase of the Immortals in an exclusive interview on WWE Network. As for his future, he was mum on any specific match in particular — yes, even against you-know-who — but he was more than willing to seize any opportunities that came his way.

Recap March 16

True to Randy Orton’s prediction, the squabbles between the infighting Authority (Jamie Noble quit! Triple H threatened his protégé!) turned out to be little more than a ruse to lull Orton into a false sense of security before his match against Seth Rollins. No sooner had Rollins made his entrance than the corporate crew reformed and closed ranks around Mr. Money in the Bank, leaving The Viper thoroughly outfoxed. What happened next, however, really was surprising.

Princess Party

The guest list for Lily’s princess-themed birthday party gets a little out of hand when Mitchell decides to invite mom, much to Claire’s dismay, and disinvite Fizbo, much to Cameron’s dismay. Things get even more strange when Dede (guest star Shelley Long) shows up with Claire’s old high school boyfriend (guest star Matt Dillon) in tow, and Jay and Gloria each turn to their own unique methods of dealing with this gathering of misfits.

Lights, Camera... Homicidio

The police have called Shawn and Gus down to the television studio.  There has been a murder on the set of the telenovela "Explosion Gigantesca de Romance," Gus' favorite soap opera.  But when they get to the set, Lassiter says Juliet jumped the gun calling them and the case is open and shut, in fact the whole thing was caught on tape.  One of the actors, Jorge Gama-Lobo stabbed the victim during one of the scenes.  But Jorge insists someone switched the prop knife for a real one without his knowledge.  Shawn looks around and sees a long hair on the murder weapon.  He also watches playback

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