The 5 Moments from Colony Episode 10 That You Need to See


These are the most exciting moments from the season two, episode ten of Colony, "The Garden of Beasts." Will (Josh Holloway), Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies), and Broussard (Tory Kittles) search for a way out of the colony. Maddie (Amanda Righetti) gets some visitors in the Green Zone. Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) looks for closure.

Our Biggest Revelations and Burning Questions After Watching Colony S2 Ep 10: 'The Garden of Beasts'

Colony Pod Coffins

This week, we learned that Will is more valuable to the T.A. than we ever realized, but why? Also, how do we get into that silent nightclub? Here are our big questions and observations about Colony, season 2, episode 10: “The Garden of Beasts.”


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