How to Pitch Yourself for a Job in Less Than 3 Minutes, According to Teresa Mendoza

Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 1

Queen of the South returned on Thursday evening with an explosive first episode that featured one scene in particular that caught our special attention from a practical standpoint. Teresa Mendoza wants to be a part of Camila’s business, but must pitch herself for the job before she is given the green-light. In doing so, she teaches us a few things about selling yourself in an interview and crafting the perfect elevator speech. 


Will (Josh Holloway) in Season 2 Episode 1 of Colony

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Colony 201, “Eleven.Thirteen”

The season two premiere primarily takes place in flashback on Arrival Day as minor things start to go wrong, signaling the impending invasion. Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) shows his dedication to both his job and his family as he races for answers and safety, while Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) somehow upgrades from underachiever to proxy (hint: turns out he’s always been a bit of a weasel).

VIPs are MIA


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