The Most Shocking Moments of Shooter's Penultimate Episode, Ranked

Shooter 109 Top 5

Now it’s about more than just clearing Bob Lee Swagger’s name. Julie and Mary have been kidnapped by the people who still want to keep Bob Lee quiet -- and keep him framed for assassinating the Ukrainian president. With so much on the line, some of this week’s moments were downright shocking. Here are the top five memorable moments from this week’s Shooter.

Ballistic Advantage

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Shooter 109, “Ballistic Advantage”

Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) prepares to rescue his family by any means necessary. Agent Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) cautions him: “You can’t save your family by killing everyone who comes between you and them.” Swagger doesn’t seem to agree. But he has one fewer adversary to worry about; Grigory Krukov has grown tired of Hugh Meachum (Tom Sizemore) and his inability to wrap things up, and the last we see of Meachum? He’s wrapped in a tarp.

No Task For The Timid

Falling Water Recap 109

Falling Water Episode 109, “No Task for the Timid,” opens on the boy sitting alone in an apartment folding together a paper airplane and throwing it free from his high-rise window. We don’t know it yet, but that paper airplane will ultimately help him connect with his mother Tess and Taka. Get the breakdown on that and more below.

 [Warning: Contains major spoilers for Falling Water 109]

Our heroes learn of Bill’s true intentions.

Coge Todo Lo Que Puede Llevar

Queen of the South Coge Todo Lo Que Puede Llevar

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

After the Theft

The theft of the money didn’t go as James expected. His men seized the booty, but they couldn’t kill everybody during the heist. One of the Miami brothers survived and Teresa had to kill him later in his hotel room. The worst part is that she left at least one witness: María, the maid who gave Teresa her clothes to enter the room. There is no other choice: they have to kill her too.


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