El Hombre Pájaro

Queen of the South El Hombre Pájaro


Camila doesn’t know what to do to counteract Epifanio’s plan of cutting her drug supply gradually. Eric, a.k.a. Birdman, is taking some of Camila’s territory in Dallas with Epifanio’s consent, although she doesn’t know this. She also doesn’t know that Epifanio has contacted the D.E.A. to intercept another shipment of drugs he sent her.




colony broussard

Warning: Recap Contains Major Spoilers! 

Broussard is both hunter and prey in an episode that puts Will – with an assist from an unlikely informant – hot on his trail. Meanwhile, despite being a trained killer who has previously shown no hesitation, Broussard wrestles with following orders when it comes to dealing with Katie. 

Meet Eric Broussard/Dwight Ford/Sanjay Agrawal 

Music Playlist: S1 EP7

Tormented by the loss of Shayla and disassociated from both fsociety and Krista, Elliot is desperate to find a way out of his loneliness. Meanwhile, blinded by ambition, Tyrell pursues a greedy seduction with Scott Knowles’ wife Sharon, which ultimately leads to Sharon’s murder at Tyrell’s hands. Emotions run high in this installment of Mr. Robot, augmented by a poignant soundtrack that amplifies each electrifying moment.


A month has passed since everything went down with Shayla and Vera. Elliot has just fulfilled the court-ordered mandate of a year of therapy. Krista signs his papers while urging him to continue their work. His response is to take his completed form and leave. After a few days, however, Elliot returns to her office. It all comes spilling out—that he’s a hacker and to prove it, recounts details about her that he would never know otherwise, stunning her into silence. He desperately wants a way out of this loneliness, just like her. Is that what she’s been wanting to hear? 


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