See the Most Badass Moment of Shooter 107, 'Danger Close'

Shooter 107 - Danger Close - 1920x1080

This week Bob Lee Swagger discovered a new big bad. They haven’t even met yet, but when they do it’s sure to be explosive. Until then, both Bob Lee and Julie Swagger sprung into action to keep their family safe. Here are their five most badass moments from this week’s Shooter.

Danger Close

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

We finally meet the real shooter, and learn that he’s more than just a trigger man. He knows Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) is on his trail and he’s not content to just wait to be found. Alliances start to shift as the conspiracy begins to unravel and Swagger isn’t the only one who has to run for his life.

Payne Won’t Go Away


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