The 5 Biggest Moments From Colony Episode 6: "Yoknapatawpha"


The Resistance starts things off with a bang (crash, actually), staging an ambush that puts Will in the awkward position of protecting Proxy Snyder from his wife Katie, in a game of twisting allegiances and competing agendas playing out inside the stifling confines of the Yoknapatawpha. [Warning: Contains Episode Spoilers!]


Elliot is given only a few moments to talk to Shayla in a diner before Vera’s henchmen, his brother Isaac and colleague DJ, drag her out. The only way Vera will let her go is if Elliot hacks the jail and gets Vera released by that night, which even for Elliot is an impossible task. Isaac and DJ bring Elliot back to his apartment and stay to keep watch over him as he works. Elliot enlists Darlene to help him get into the jail’s network, but their trick fails and she also ends up getting held by the thugs in Elliot’s apartment until he successfully completes his task. 


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