Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

In flashbacks to Afghanistan, Isaac Johnson (Omar Epps) is revealed as a straight arrow who begins to lose his way with persuasion from a familiar face. We see what really happened in Musa Qala and that the decisions made by Johnson and Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) spoke to the character of each man and even laid the groundwork for the conspiracy to come. Meanwhile, Agent Nadine Memphis (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) continues to try to unravel the mystery and ends up putting a target on her back.

Castles Made of Sand

Falling Water Castles Made of Sand

By Benjamin Lindsay

[Contains spoilers for Falling Water 104, “Castles Made of Sand”]

Now with Ann-Marie Bowen officially in the picture, Woody’s character coming into focus, and Tess continuing her dream tests with Bill, Falling Water Episode 104, “Castles Made of Sand,” has our trio of protagonists slowly learning that their dreams have greater repercussions in the real world.

But first let’s talk about Andy.

Lirio de los Valles

Queen of the South Lirio de los Valles


Teresa is rising fast in Camila Vargas’ organization. James asked her to make a drug delivery by herself. He gives Teresa precise instructions and she leaves to complete the delivery. Meanwhile, Epifanio meets with his henchman, César, a.k.a. Batman, who tells him something indicates Teresa is with Camila. Epifanio immediately orders him to go to Texas to talk to her and find out all he can.

Music Playlist: S1 EP4

Though music can often act as a grounding force of reality and offer solace for those plagued by delusions, in this episode the music only drives the fervid hallucinations that Elliot is faced with. Difficult to discern what is real and what is imaginary, Elliot takes viewers on an orchestrated and cerebral journey through his heart, his mind, and his daemons.


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