The Purge TV Series

Everything comes to a head in the season finale of The Purge. Ryan’s crew goes after the Jackals to take what’s theirs; Ryan and Esme team up to take down the NFFA; and Ben goes on a killing rampage in the triage center as Marcus performs surgery on a badly wounded Michelle.


We pick things up with three hours remaining on Purge night. In Purge-time, that’s nearly an eternity.

The battle of Ben and Marcus

Should I Stay or Should I Go

The Purge TV Series

The shadow of the Purge lasts all year long, even when it’s still months away. In this episode, Ryan and Esme hack the NFFA’s database for crucial information; Marcus learns the true reason a neighbor put a bounty on his head; and Ben attempts to manage the situation with his girlfriend Kelen, who has discovered his identity as the Campus Killer.

Ryan and Esme team up

Happy Holidays

The Purge TV Show

Only four months remain until the next annual Purge. Ben feels the pressure as the “Campus Killer” becomes a national news story; Marcus comes face to face with the man who put a hit on him. Ryan endures a power play from his crooked former police boss; and the NFFA ramps up his efforts to track down Esme, who finds refuge in the most unlikely of places. Read on to get caught up on season two of The Purge.



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