The firm is at war and fighting on multiple fronts! While Louis, Donna, and Alex fend off the attack from Stanley Gordon, Mike, Rachel, and Oliver search for a way to make their charges against Discharge Power stick. Meanwhile, Harvey and Jessica get a cold welcome in the Windy City as they try to block a luxury housing development. Check out our guide to part two of the Suits Season 7 finale, “Good-Bye.”

The War for the Firm Begins

What Rachel Zane Has Taught Us About Getting What We Want


From the get-go, we knew Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) was no pushover. When she first met newly hired Pearson Hardman associate Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), she briskly informed the flirting newbie that she was used to new hotshots hitting on her. That was our first clue that Rachel was not to be messed with. In fact, over the years she has taught us more than a few things about getting what you want. 

7 Reasons We Love Donna and Rachel's Friendship on Suits

Rachel and Donna

One reason that Suitors love watching Suits so much is because the female characters are really awesome. And while we can all aspire to one day be as powerful as Jessica, we really get our inspiration from the amazing friendship between Rachel and Donna. See some of the many reasons why we love their friendship and wish we could be part it. #Squadgoals, anyone?


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