See the First Photos from Mike and Rachel's Wedding on Suits

It's April and that means that spring (and love) is in the air at USA! It's a long time coming but the wedding of the year is creeping up on us... That's right! Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) are set to walk down the aisle in the two-part season finale of Suits. See the pics!

Here's Everything You Need to Know to Jump Into Suits Season 7.5

Just when we thought the emotional highs couldn’t get any higher, the last episode of Suits ended on a moment that took our breath away. But there was so much more to the season than the kiss (but what a kiss!), so if you can’t quite recall how it all played out then we recommend you go back and rewatch episode 710, “Donna”, ASAP. Can’t carve out the time for a viewing? No sweat; check out our rundown of the big stuff to get you up to speed before the midseason premiere on March 28.


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