The 7 Stages of a Louis Litt Meltdown

In some ways, wildly contrasting emotions are a hallmark of Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). The Suits character has a tough mind and a big heart, which means he’ll do just about anything to defend the people he cares about -- and, often, those big swings lead to a Louis Litt-level meltdown. Here are some emotionally tangled moments in the Seven Stages of Louis we'd like to unpack.

'Sinner' Boss Teases Season Finale with Themes of Parenting, Lies and Dysfunction

This season of The Sinner has been all about parenthood. Who are Julian’s parents? Who bears the most responsibility for how he was raised? For his crimes? Has the kid’s life just been one long kidnapping? Showrunner Derek Simonds mulled over some of these questions with us to help tease the finale, in which (almost) all will be revealed.

Mr. Robot’s Sam Esmail Discusses the ‘Truth’ of Elliot’s Surroundings

Mr. Robot Prison Theory

Whether your mind was totally blown by the reveal at the end of Wednesday's episode, or you were one of the savviest of Redditors who picked up the prison thread early in the season, the question of what really happened in this first half of Mr. Robot season_2.0 may be lingering quite a bit on your mind this week. USA Network interviewed creator Sam Esmail about where to see the truth in Elliot’s surroundings and we started where it all began -- at Elliot’s mom’s house.

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