13 Things Gus Has Been Told Not To Be (And Why You Definitely DON'T Want to Be Them)

Burton "Gus" Guster (Dulé Hll) is a lot of things: Super pharmaceutical slinger, sidekick extraordinaire, President and Treasurer of the local chapter of the Pluto Boosters, but any Psych-O worth his or her weight in pineapple knows it’s just as importante everything that Gus isn’t. After all, that’s how Shawn gets to the heart of what’s really happening. Isn’t that right, Weepy Boy Santos? But really, who is Weepy Boy Santos? Who are what are any of the things Shawn has told Gus not to be? Does he even know? We wonder, but soon you won’t have to. Read on, Filipino Steve Perry. Read on.


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