A Touch of Sweevil

After years of trying, Shawn finally gets an invite to be a panelist at the Cutting Edge Consultants Convention hosted by Professor Bob Stein, a Paranormal Forensics Expert.

Meanwhile, Lassiter has hired a new head detective named Betsy Brannigan.  Her credentials are impressive, but Lassiter is still upset the mayor wouldn’t let him hire Juliet, his first choice.

1967: A Psych Odyssey

Chief Vick announces she took a job as Chief at a station up north in the bay area and will not be returning to the SBPD as chief.  The group is shocked to hear this news.  Lassiter, although saddened by this news, immediately sets his sights on being appointed as the new chief.  Vick says she put in a good for him at the mayors office, but cant make any promises.  After Shawn, Gus and Lassiter say their goodbyes, Vick asks Juliet to speak with her in private.

Remake A.K.A. Cloudy…With A Chance Of Improvement

This episode is a remake of “Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder,” an episode that originally aired in Season 1 of Psych.  Mirroring the case in the original “Cloudy,” Shawn and Gus try to solve the murder of local weatherman Jackson Hale.

We begin the episode with a flashback to 1981.  Henry has been summoned by the court to testify in a case he was an officer on.  Before he takes the stand, we see him talking to Shawn as a baby, telling him how important the jury is to a case and why. 

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