Music Playlist: S1 EP7

Tormented by the loss of Shayla and disassociated from both fsociety and Krista, Elliot is desperate to find a way out of his loneliness. Meanwhile, blinded by ambition, Tyrell pursues a greedy seduction with Scott Knowles’ wife Sharon, which ultimately leads to Sharon’s murder at Tyrell’s hands. Emotions run high in this installment of Mr. Robot, augmented by a poignant soundtrack that amplifies each electrifying moment.

Music Playlist: S1 EP5

Elliot narrowly escapes interference on the Steel Mountain hack from Tyrell Wellick, Angela discovers that her father is practically bankrupt and no longer able to provide the pillar of financial support he promised, and Darlene loses communication with the Dark Army. Though this installment leaves viewers grappling with ambiguous developments, this dynamic playlist is able to fill the obscure void until the next episode.


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