Final Bonfire - Part 2

Temptation Island Final Bonfire Part 2

Last episode, we witnessed the end of Nicole and Karl’s relationship. In the dramatic season finale, we learn what fate awaits John and Kady, Evan and Kaci, and Javen and Shari.

John and Kady both choose to leave Temptation Island alone

After Kady admits that she can’t see herself having children with John, the two of them each express the desire to leave Temptation Island alone. John notes later that he hopes to “continue moving forward with Katheryn.”

Final Bonfire - Part 1

Temptation Island Final Bonfire Part 1

As the final 24-hour dates come to a close, Temptees return to the Beach Villa to swap stories and reflect on the good times, Mark swoops in and lets them know that it’s time to say goodbye. The final bonfire is coming — the couples that came to the island together are about to reunite.

Beach Villa goodbyes

Romantic Getaways

Temptation Island Romantic Getaways

This episode of Temptation Island follows eight final dates that each span 24 hours and include one night secluded at a hotel suite or seaside cottage. Read our recap to see how things went down.

Post-bonfire debrief

The Beginning of the End

Temptation Island The Beginning of the End

Kady and Evan’s respective decision not to send their significant other a 30-second video message spoke louder than a video message ever could. In this episode, they both deal with the fallout of their decision, and six singles are chosen to leave Temptation Island.

Post-video message blues


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