Tonight Can Change Everything

Temptation Island Tonight Can Change Everything

This episode chronicles the most challenging relationship test that each Temptee will face on their journey here on Temptation Island: a 24-hour overnight date with a person of their choosing. Do their respective retreats to a private cottage, hotel suite, or bed & breakfast produce clarity? Or uncertainty? Read our recap to learn how each date went down.

Post-bonfire debrief

Role Reversal

Temptation Island Role Reversal

Temptation Island is still ramping up. Episode 208 picks up as the Temptees attempt to process the video messages they each received. As Ashley H and Ben continue to solidify their relationship, Casey continues to wallow in misery. Mark hosts the season’s penultimate bonfire (!), and Esoncia lets Kareem into her bed (!!!).

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Post-video message debrief

She Didn't Say, I Love You

Temptation Island She Didn't Say, I Love You

Casey is reeling from the latest bombshell to impact Temptation Island: footage of his girlfriend, Ashley H, in bed with Ben. As he attempts to pull himself together, the ladies discuss their profound personal growth, three singles are sent home from the island, and Mark offers each person the opportunity to send a 30-second video message to their significant others.

Casey reacts to Ashley H bonfire bombshell

The Walk of Shame

Temptation Island The Walk of Shame

The last episode of Temptation Island ended with the threesome heard round the world. In this episode, David deals with the aftermath of his blackout party tryst with Samantha and Payton, Casey delights in putting singles in the friend zone, and Deac and Ben worry that they will remain in Ashley H’s friend zone forever. It’s another juicy episode of Temptation Island. Read on to get caught up on the action.

Ménage fallout and date selection


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