Falling Water's Gale Anne Hurd Shares the Inside Story on Casting (Hint: The Eyes Have It)

Falling Water - Will Yun Lee, Lizzie Brochere, David Ajala

As with any dramatic series, casting your leads is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle and so we asked executive producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead) to share some of the backstory of finding Falling Water's compelling main actors. Interestingly, they all came to the project through very different avenues (including a significant re-write to accommodate one of the actors), but there's one thing all three of them have in common.

8 Cool Things We Learned from Falling Water Star Lizzie Brocheré

Lizzie Brochere Falling Water

USA Network spoke with Lizzie Brocheré about her Falling Water character, a professional trendspotter living in Brooklyn who knows with every fiber of her being that she once gave birth to a baby boy. While she searches for her son, Tess soon realizes that her dreams may not only hold the answer to her personal quest -- but also the fate of the world. We learned some other cool things about Brochere's personal journey as well!


Tess played by Lizzie Brochere

Few would have guessed that, once New York’s hottest trend-spotter, Tess Brighton had suffered a mental breakdown seven years earlier and was institutionalized. After her discharge, Tess starts having lifelike dreams of giving birth to a son – and she might have been convinced that she was actually crazy, if not for an offer from millionaire tech mogul Bill Boerg.

11 Reasons to Get Excited About USA's New Series Falling Water

falling water season 1

The creators and stars of USA’s new drama Falling Water sat on a panel for the Television Critics Association yesterday. The TCA is over 200 TV critics from across the U.S. and Canada who meet twice a year to interview the casts and executives behind new and returning television shows. Gale Anne Hurd and Blake Masters produce the series from a pilot Masters wrote with his late partner Henry Bromell. Lizzie Brochere, David Ajala, and Will Yun Lee play three people with complicated relationships to their dreams. 

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