Teresa and Kelly Anne Tell Hard Truths in the Top Moments from Queen of the South 408

This week’s Queen of the South is explosive, literally. But violence isn’t all that explodes. Watch all the physical and personal conflicts heat up in these video highlights from Queen of the South episode 408, “Secretos y Mentiros.”


Queens of the South Justicia

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Since El Santo’s death, Teresa, Pote and James have been struggling to line up a new supplier. Teresa realizes that she must make a deal with Camila, whom she despises, if she is going to get a supplier and keep her business afloat. In exchange for a supplier, Camila wants Teresa to kill Cortez. So does everyone else, it seems. 

Making a Deal with the Red Devil

The 5 Biggest Moments From Queen of the South 211, 'La Noche Oscura del Alma'

Queen Of The South

In 'La Noche Oscura del Alma,' ... Now that Teresa Mendoza knows Camila Vargas was setting her up, she decides to abandon Dallas and the business for good. But nobody leaves Camila without paying a price. 


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