Portia Doubleday Has Amazing Intentions (But She's Really Bad at Saving Lives)

Portia Doubleday - Angela - Mr. Robot

We've learned that, while she may be a shy, doed-eyed beauty, Mr. Robot's Angela is nothing short of fearless. Seriously, you have to have some major cajones to try and hack the FBI with zero experience. Turns out that the woman who plays her is really brave in real life too! The only problem is that Portia Doubleday isn't exactly the best at saving the day. Read on.

Mark Rodriguez

Mark (Keegan-Michael Key) is Emma’s handsome and lovable high school flame. A small-town boy, he married Tina, aka Bird Bones, a former high school classmate of Maggie and Emma’s, after Emma turned down his proposal and fled to China.  As a small-town cop on the Pinebrook Police force, he’s a public servant, but he’s also often the source of advice and wisdom for Emma. Mark is helpful, fair, and a good friend, but he also calls bull when he sees it (usually from Emma).

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