The Twittersphere Cannot Stop Talking About the Temptation Island Season Finale

Twitter reacts to the Temptation Island Season 1 Finale

The second part of the Temptation Island finale revealed the fates of John and Kady’s, Evan and Kaci’s, and Javen and Shari’s relationships. The episode ended with a follow-up with the couples six months after their time in Maui, which revealed a shocking twist that once again had Twitter divided—and even shook—over what transpired.

Fans Take Sides During Part 1 of the Temptation Island Season Finale

The first part of the epic Temptation Island finale aired on Tuesday night and it was one filled with dramatic goodbyes. As Karl and Nicole and Kady and John determined their fates as couples at the final bonfire, the Twittersphere -- as always -- was quick to weigh in with their opinions.

Single Again

Temptation Island Single Again

This week’s episode of Temptation Island picks up right after dinner where the couples have spent their last quality time together. In the girls’ ride home, the nature of this love odyssey is just starting to hit them. They’re basically single, and so are their boyfriends. “These girls are confident,” Kaci says of the single ladies. “They’re ready to get my guy, and my guy is frickin’ hot.”

Return to the villas

Why We're Slightly Obsessed With Temptation Island's 'Hard Ice' on Instagram

After a bit of Insta-sleuthing, we realized that a group text between the four main women on Temptation Island -- Kaci CampbellNicole TutewohlShari Ligons, and Kady Krambeer -- was saved as "Hard Ice" in Kaci's phone and, to be honest, we've been kind of obsessing over it ever since.

Temptation Begins

Temptation Island

Sooner or later, every serious couple will come to a crossroads where they must answer the following question: Are we meant to be together?

Four couples at a juncture in their relationship seek clarity on Temptation Island, a tropical paradise populated by 24 single men and women who are themselves looking for love. For these couples, Temptation Island will either confirm their bond, or it will break it.                                     

Meet the couples

Evan (28) and Kaci (28) - Los Angeles, CA

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