Part IV

The Sinner

Revelations past and present abound in The Sinner’s latest episode, which has Harry getting, erm, closer to Vera and Heather combing through her past for more answers about Marin. We’re also introduced to the man who started Mosswood Grove in the first place: psychotherapist Lionel Jeffries. Catch up on all that and more below. 

After Dr. Sheldon Poole’s suicide, the case brings Harry and Heather to Deakins Psychiatric Institute. Who is the Beacon?

Jessica Biel Shares Where She Was When She Learned About Her Emmy Nomination

Jessica Biel -- executive producer of The Sinner and Season 1 star -- appeared on NBC's TODAY show Thursday, when she revealed her whereabouts during that memorable phone call regarding her Emmy nomination. Let's just say, it's not exactly the Hollywood glam story we were expecting... watch the video!


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