Snap, Crackle, Pop

Briarpatch on USA Network

The first episode of Briarpatch was book-ended by two car bombings; the first killed the young police officer Felicity Dill, and the second nearly killed her sister, Allegra. In episode two, Allegra works to appease the demands of her boss, a Texas Senator, while also launching her own investigation into Felicity's death. Something is rotten in San Bonifacio, TX.

Allegra regroups following the second car bomb

First Time in Saint Disgrace

Briarpatch on USA Network

Day breaks, and it's already pushing triple digits Fahrenheit. A young cop named Felicity Dill heads next door to the property she owns to collect rent from her tenants. Pay today, she threatens them, or you're out. She gets in her car to head to work. She turns the ignition and her car explodes.
Felicity Dill is dead. Welcome to the border town of San Bonifacio, TX.
Allegra Dill arrives in San Bonifacio


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