Grief Box

The Purge TV Series

With less than a month to go until the next Purge, the nation observes Remembrance Day, a holiday dedicated to the memory of those killed on Purge Nights past. Ryan pays Tommy a visit in prison; Marcus learns his assassin grew up on the same street as him; Ben meets an enthusiastic Purger who attends his college; and Esme realizes the vast implications of Dr. Adams’ experiment. Read on to get caught up on season two of The Purge.

Ryan’s crew adds a new member

Everything Is Fine

The Purge TV Series

Purge Night has ended, but the hangover lingers in the days that follow. Ben can't stop thinking about his brush with death. Marcus encounters his attacker in the hospital under unusual circumstances. Ryan searches for an explanation regarding his crew's subpar haul from this year's Purge. Esme investigates the murder of her former mentor.

Ben can't get off his mind off Purge Night

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