Bienvenidos a Nueva Orleans

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers 

Teresa Mendoza sets up shop in New Orleans and meets the local gangsters, including politicians who try to shake her down. Meanwhile, she’s got to deal with a thief in Sinaloa, and she’s also discovering a new love in the Jazz Quarter. We’ve got the full story in our guide to Queen of the South episode 401, “Bienvenido a Nuevo Orleans.”

The Fast and the Glamorous

El Mundo

Queen of the South El Mundo

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Now that Teresa and her crew finally have a new supplier, they must work out a few kinks in the system to take over the Sinaloa to Phoenix corridor. The first order of business is Cortez, who is holding Camila hostage while also concocting a plan to kill Teresa. 

Teresa and Taza Make a Friendly Business Deal over a Truckload of Coke


Queens of the South Justicia

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Since El Santo’s death, Teresa, Pote and James have been struggling to line up a new supplier. Teresa realizes that she must make a deal with Camila, whom she despises, if she is going to get a supplier and keep her business afloat. In exchange for a supplier, Camila wants Teresa to kill Cortez. So does everyone else, it seems. 

Making a Deal with the Red Devil

La Muerte

Queen of the South La Muerte

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Dazed and Confused

Teresa wakes up dazed and wounded amid the smoking rubble of an obvious disaster, with dead bodies everywhere and the sound of a baby crying in the distance. She follows a trail of blood to find El Santo cradling a crying baby. An enraged El Santo blames Teresa for the destruction, tells her she “killed everyone,” and he attacks her. 

Meanwhile, 48 Hours Before

Teresa Plays Let's Make a Deal In Top Moments From Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 9

Queen of the South

Teresa Mendoza’s deal-making skills reach a new level with BedoyaCarson, and Sheriff Mayo. Here are the top moments from the Queen of the South season 3 episode 9, "El Diablo."


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